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The Knights of Columbus insurance story begins in the winter of 1882 in the basement of St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Conn.

It was there that our Venerable founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, gathered the men of his parish together to create a solution to a recurring problem.

Many Catholics — most of whom were immigrants — were working and living in unfavorable conditions. And many, tragically, were dying young, leaving behind widows and orphans with insufficient financial resources.

It was a cold reality that had confronted Father McGivney all too often — not only in the lives of his parishioners

— but in his own. As a seminarian, he was forced to leave school and return home to aid his family when his father died unexpectedly. .

Though this story of financial ruin for Catholic families was common, Father McGivney was convinced that there was a way to change the ending. He knew that if the Catholic men in his parish came together in mutual aid, widows and orphans could receive the support they needed.

He also knew that if Catholic men banded together, united by charity and unity, they could strengthen their faith, their families, and their communities.

So, he established the Knights of Columbus, and with it, a "pass-the-hat" insurance system to protect the Catholic families in his parish. Over time, that system has evolved, and today we stay true to our founding mission through our multi-billion dollar, top-rated insurance program. Members in the United States and Canada have exclusive access to our insurance program and products, including life insurance, retirement annuities, long-term care insurance, and disability income insurance.

Our charitable giving and fraternal service have continued to grow too. Nearly 2 million men in over a dozen countries across the globe are proud to call themselves Knights. Last year alone, these men and their families donated more than $177 million to charity and performed more than 75 million hours of service.

Who Is Scott Marcum

Scott Marcum is a Field Agent for Knights of Columbus. Serving councils in the greater Galveston-Houston Dioceses. In that role he educates, guides and advises Catholics on all matters pertaining to their financial security. Scott believes that his success as a Knights of Columbus agent is rooted in his passion to help his brother Knights and his ability to illustrate the relevance of different financial strategies to meet the specific lifestyle goals of Catholics in his community. Scott shares those goals. He and his family currently attend Christ the Redeemer in the Cypress. A strong believer in community service, Scott also is an active volunteer for Special Olympics. Scott joined the Knights of Columbus in 2015 He then became a field agent in November 2016 and obtained his Fourth Degree shortly thereafter. Scott has achieved his Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC) designation. He is married to his beautiful wife, Sadie of 16 years. Sadie and Scott are blessed with their daughter Savannah Morgan(8) and son Gabriel Joseph (3) . Catholic families form solid, lasting relationships built on trust with Scott and experience the peace of mind knowing they have a readily available resource in him as their Knights of Columbus agent. Together, Scott and his clients are dedicated to uniting families in service to the Church, the community and fellowman.

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